OMG! There’s been a drop in text messages! LOL

txt messageHow do u keep in contact with ur M8s or BFF? Do u LOL @ txts like u did B4 because, apparently, we’re sending less texts than previously.

With the rise of Wi-Fi and 3G data messaging services like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Google Hangouts there has been a considerable fall in UK text messaging, with 2013 seeing UK text numbers drop for the first time since the SMS system arrived 20 years ago.

Even though there has been a migration to instant messaging there is still the annoying prevalence of people using text speak in their day-to-day communications – even on Facebook and emails where there has never been a limit. Is it just me that finds it annoying?

Sorry – was going slightly off topic there.

Paul Lee, head of telecoms research at Deloitte said “This is the first decline in texting in the UK since texting was invented. We have reached a tipping point. But the usage of mobile phones to send messages is stronger than ever. This year, trillions of instant messages will be sent in place of a text message.”

The report claims that 160bn instant messages were sent in Britain last year, outstripping the number of texts for the first time. By the end of 2014, 300bn instant messages will be sent – more than twice the annual number of texts.

Globally, Lee predicts 50bn instant messages will be sent each day – 18 trillion over the next 12 months – compared with 21bn texts.

However, the text message is far from being dead yet. Last year 145 billion of them are estimated to have been sent within the UK, a drop of seven billion from the previous year.

So it’s down, but still the main way we communicate traffic, rail, pub and dinnertime delays to people instead of calling them.

Now that we’ve moved on from the constrictions of the early format SMS (Short Message Service), can we now cull those that use text speak on social network platforms, emails, instant message services, etc? ROFLMAO.

C U L8r M8.


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