Olympus Micro Four Thirds To Be Unveiled At PMA 2009?


I’ve mentioned this before, September to be precise, and still nothing has happened.

But there’s a number of reasons to start getting mildly excited.

We’ve already seen the cool retro styling of their MFT (Micro Four Thirds) camera and there are more whispers coming from Russia.

Word is that Olympus is getting ready to launch a couple of MFT cameras, probably the M-1 and M-100.

Their size will be comparable with the less-slender end of the point and shoot stable

The M-1 is said to be packing a 3.2-inch LCD monitor and HD video capture.

Funnily enough the PMA is just over a month away?

Now, I’m sure that you’d agree that would be the perfect place for a launch……………….

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