OLO iPhone Netbook – Doomed

It’s a shame.

But this here thing is destined to fail unfortunately.

At first it seems a good idea but when you do a James Brown and “break it down” you see there are many stumbling blocks.

The OLO Computer is reportedly thinking of bringing to market a netbook-styled device that seems to require users to plop their iPhone / iPhone 3G into the palm rest.

Now, I’m guessing all manner of sync’ing will ensue which is good but then is the iPhone then a trackpad?

It could be that the machine uses the iPhone as it’s ‘core’ but then it will only be able to run iPhone apps and the screen on the pic is showing MAC OS – which is the next point.

Apple aren’t reknowned for sharing their OS’s with anyone so we can surly cross that off the list.

Sad thing is – all the juicy info should be posted this week…….the week of a certain announcement from Apple………….


Official OLO Teaser Page