OlliOlli2 – exclusive screens and video

Olliwood1The awesome guys over at Roll7 have given us some exclusive screens and a kick ass video to share of their upcoming PS4 and Vita release, OlliOlli2 Welcome to Olliwood.

From the Californian outskirts to the Silver Screen, Olliwood takes our roguish Skater on a grind-filled, slam-heavy, Manual-pounding journey through the heart of the film-biz.

In the video below, smash The Skater through some of the Olliwood finest studio sets, billboards — really just making a Star of him!

[youtube id=”Aw7ja-MMNCw”]

Check out some exclusive screens the guys sent us featuring the radical Olliwood world!



Olliwood4Gameplay will be massively enhanced with the addition of Ramps, Jumps and Epic Hills allowing for monster air and split level routes. The much praised OlliOlli combo system is set to be even deeper, through the joy of Manuals, Reverts, Revert Manuals and Grind Switching.

On top of this smorgasbord of delights, OlliOlli2 is set to have a NEW Mode: Combo Rush. This mode is a split-screen Local Multiplayer (up to 4 players) that pits players in a race to ramp up biggest scores on a spot in a set time limit.

This is going to be rad!