OlliOlli exclusive gameplay video showing new features

olliolli exclusiveOlliOlli is soon to be tearing up your handhelds when it hits the Vita soon. We were invited down to Soho, London to play the most current version to date by game developer, Roll7.

Here, Creative Director John Ribbins and Lead programmer Nikos Asfis let us loose on their 2D skateboarding project.

In our exclusive video, watch John take us through some of the new levels and features:

Our first impressions are that OlliOlli is gearing up to be something special. The levels we played are super smooth, look gorgeous and the control system make OlliOlli a dream to play. Utilising the left stick is genius and is going to bring a truly addictive 2D skateboard experience to the Vita. With the added tweaks and extras Roll7 are working on in secret right now, Punk and I want to be first in line when this drops.

Check out Roll7 and tell ‘em Punk and Lizard sent you.

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