OLED Spectacles Sling The Interwebs Right in Your Eyes

oled-data-glassesI love it when tech is both cool and scary and if you think of the dangers that this cool display concept could cause then you know where I’m coming from.

Imaging surfing the interweb with the stuff right there just infront of your peepers whilst walking around or, more riskily, driving!

This could be happening very soon thanks to these concept OLED data glasses.

The idea comes from the very grand sounding Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems.

This interactive eyewear provides a far less conspicuous head-mounted display.

The glasses sling the image to your peepers via an OLED micro-display – it will cleverly appear to be a metre in front of the wearer.

That’s all very well but how about scrolling through a website?  Well thanks to an eye-tracking device fitted to the hinge you can scroll through sites by simply moving your eyeball.

Fraunhofer’s Dr Michael Scholles believes the glasses already have ready-made applications in the medical and construction fields, and will open up all sorts of services for people with severe disabilities.

That’s a whole lot of cool right there.

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