OLED packing Samsung tablet in the works

samsung-galaxy-tabSamsung are continuing to bring their tablets up to the level of their smartphones. Their hardware has improved but they’re still lacking a jaw-dropping screen. Well, it sounds like the Sammy slates may be soon getting active matrix OLED displays.

Before you feel the need to point it out, I realise that Samsung did release an OLED-packing model, the old Tab 7.7, but it would be nice for Sammy to bring back such a high-contrast, high-saturation panel to its range.

Word is that a User Agent Profile, or UAProf, on Samsung’s site for the SM-T800 (along with the T801 and T805) earlier this month could be the OLED-based tablet we’ve been waiting for.

To be honest, whether or not this device gets an OLED panel, it certainly looks like the tablets should push out a decently high-res screen of 2560 x 1600.

Expect these silicon slices to come in either 8-inch or 10-inch flavours.

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