Official Samsung Website Lists Galaxy S III – S3 Ready for Release?

Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung has officially unmasked their Samsung Galaxy S III on the company’s website.

The release date of the next edition of the flagship Galaxy smartphone appears to be in the air after initial rumours pointed to an unveiling at MWC 2012.

We have seen it in a hands-on video though.

The quad-core containing Galaxy S III should follow the product coding of previous models. So, the Galaxy S II models all went by the product code of GT-i91xx, while the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Nexus models start GT-i92xx.

It follows then that the next product code would be i93xx. Guess what?

Samsung’s official website now has a GT-i9300 listed! 😉

So – this means that the Galaxy S III should be out soon – just when?

I’m thinking April(ish), how about you?


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