Official pics shows the new HTC One packing an edge-to-edge display

htc gold one edge to edgeLeaks regarding the new HTC One, or M8, have been plentiful but HTC has decided to get in on the action but can the Korean tech maker reveal anything new?

Today, HTC’s Twitter account revealed this picture which shows the original HTC One in its gold shade, with a picture-in-picture shot of another HTC One revealing the new handset’s launch date.

So far so meh, right?

Well, look again. For a start this shows that the gold chassis is a keeper and will remain an option and the the picture-in-picture view suggests the new handset will be bigger than its predecessor. I guess we already knew the latter.

What first struck me though was that the larger phone seems to have had its screen border narrowed, giving what’s close to an edge-to-edge display?

Looking at my current gen HTC One the bezel certainly appears to be less pronounced.

What say you?

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