OCZ Technology Self Build Netbook

neutrinoIf you were one of the first to get a netbook and enjoyed the geekudos for that I’m sure you’re missing it now.

Almost everywhere you look there’s someone tapping away at a small puter in a coffee shop, bar or train.

How can you earn more geekpoints?

How about a DIY netbook?

For that self-brewed geekahol look no further than the 10″ OCZ Neutrino.

It sounds like pretty much like every other netbook looking down the list: 1.6GHz Atom, Intel integrated graphics, 1.3MP webcam, usual ports and b/g Wi-Fi.

But then, it’s up to you what you do about memory (HDD or SDD), and card reader.

The other bouns, apart from the “yeah, I built it myself”, is that the guts of your machine will be more updatable as it wont be all soldered and bolted down – unless you did it.

The price of this portable self build is $279 from OCZ