OCZ OLED Gaming Keyboard Ready to Ship, Frag and Pwn

sabre-oled-gaming-keyboard-closeThe Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard from OCZ is the first keyboard with customisable OLED buttons that’s been designed for gamers.

It’ll soon be available in stores and if you fancy a gamers version of the Optimus Maximus with “super tactile, low-noise key feedback” as well as those 9 OLED buttons – you shouldn’t be waiting too long.

The Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard’s OLED keys are completely programmable and will display any image or text you like with rather tasteful amber lighting, and will even change purpose as you switch between applications – how cool is that? 🙂

One word of warning though: the Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard won’t work with 64-bit PCs, just 32-bit.

There’s no actual release date from OCZ but they do say that The Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard is ready to ship so keep an eye out.

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