OBag – Perfect Luggage For a Round Trip

Here’s taking wheeled luggage to the next inevitable stage.

Let’s face it, those little wheels, even the ones on my Dakine convertible, can only cope with so much – try most wheelies on gravel, sand or travelling across a muddy festival field and watch their limits be quickly reached.

I suppose it is only logical to create rolling luggage that can handle all terrains, and designer Roozbeh Mousavi of the Art Center College of Design has solved that problem by creating a rolling bag that is more wheel than case.

This appropriately named Rolling Bag, or OBAG, is designed to effortlessly glide over terrain and has already won the Reddot design award for this year.

I can’t but help ask a number of questions though.

  1. Will it fit in an overhead locker on the plane?
  2. How much can you actually fit in it?
  3. Could you get a powered version?
  4. Could this be combined with a Segway and become the Segway Tourer?

Anyhoooo, the OBAG is merely a concept now, so we are a long way away from every piece of luggage on a plane becoming circular.