O2’s NFC Nokia Mobile Wallet A Success!

O2’s just revealed the results of its first NFC trial.

This is the jobby that allows you to pay for things using the wireless power of your mobile blower.

The next phase is to whack this tech into the SIM cards themselves so that more phones can be used as a mobile wallet.

Declaring the trial a success, O2 said 90% of trialists were happy with the wireless payment tech, while 78% would use more contactless services if they were available.

At the moment, O2’s technology is capable of payment in shops using Barclaycard Visa payWave, as well as letting owners use London’s public transport network, thanks to Oyster card compatibility built in.

“There are two main pieces of infrastructure,” explained Claire Maslen head of NFC at O2, “the secure element on the SIM, and the antenna in the device. We still need a range of devices from handset vendors, but the intelligence will remain on the SIM. That also means we can send updates over the air.”

When will it be available? O2 says “Launching in six months would be hugely optimistic,” said Maslen. “Being able to deliver the best customer experience is important for us… It has to be mass market to make it successful.”

Would you trust this? Would you use this?

Let me know 🙂