O2 to Drop iPhone Price for New iPhone in Summer

iPhone Pro
iPhone Pro

O2 seems to be doing quite well with lovely phone tech.

They’ve managed to get the iPhone and now they’ve swiped the much loved Palm Pre.

Now it’s looking like they’ll get the new iPhone.

New iPhone – you read right!

According to Mobile Today the service provider, O2, will be cutting the price of the iPhone in May.

This means you’ll be able to get the 3G iPhone free on O2’s £35 and £45 per month tariffs from May 2009.

At the moment you have to sign up to a £75 per month contract to get a 16GB model for nothing.

As I’ve always been told – if it looks too good to be true it generally is.

O2 isn’t offering this out of the kindness of their hearts – word is that this is a stock clearing exercise afore the all-new iPhone to be outed in June / July.


Is it the nano iPhone?

Well, I think that this makes it a tad unlikely – why clear a full-sized handset for a smaller one with a smaller memory?

Perhaps an iPhone Pro or Elite?

But O2 might not get its own way.

According to the same report Orange is in talks with Apple to share the new iPhone with O2.

Now that would explain why O2 where so keen to get the Palm Pre.

You know to keep coming back for the news 🙂

O2 via Mobile Today