O2 Dongle Gets All Fashionable – Henry Holland Helps

o2-dongleO2 reckons that “this season’s must-have accessory” isn’t a ‘statement handbag’ or even some costume jewelry – they’re saying that a limited edition polka dot mobile broadband modem designed by Henry Holland under his House of Holland label is the way to get gasps of kudos.

Available for a limited time only, the Holland-designed skin will be included for free with O2 Mobile Broadband Pay & Go from 27th February.

“Henry Holland is one of the most exciting designers in London and the perfect partner to help us add some style to our mobile broadband offering. Our customers have been telling us that they continually crave individuality and this delivers stand-out, personalisation and a bit of fun”, said Peter Rampling, O2’s marketing director.

Personally, I reckon any dongle that isn’t just plain white is a bonus.

So, if you wanna get ‘spotted’ with one – don’t hang around 🙂