O2 Delivers Sh!t Sandwich For iPhone 4 Buyers

Everyone knows that this doesn’t work in real life.

The idea of adding a little sugar or a tasty filling to make bad news more palatable comes across as being just that.

So – take note O2 when you deliver the news like you did today.  Everyone can tell what you’re doing.

The First bit of news I heard was that, from Day 1, O2 would offer the iPhone 4 on Pay As You Go – that would surely cheer some potential buyers up!

The other side of the sandwich, just so I can maintain the imagery, is that O2 are offering the early upgrade deal similar to AT&T.  This new early upgrade scheme  will let existing customers leave their current contract and transfer to the iPhone 4 for a one-off charge of £20 for each month remaining on their present contract.  It’s slightly better than having to buy out the whole contract but it still stings as, after that, you’d still have to buy the handset and sign up for a brand new 18 or 24 month contract.  Not what I was hoping for.

Yup, that’s the Good and the Bad…… so, I hear you ask, where is the Ugly?

Ugly is the fact that O2 are scrapping the unlimited data package from their tariffs on, would you believe it, June 24th.  Ooooo…. that would be iPhone 4 release day wouldn’t it?

The new data charges will apply to all new customers and existing customers who upgrade to a new smartphone, say for instance the iPhone 4!

The revised allowance, when it comes time for you to renew or upgrade, is that for your £35 monthly contract you will be apportioned 500MB of data per month.  If you should do more than check out 60 YouTube videos or browse your way through 5,000 web pages you will be hit with an extra £5 for each additional 500MB of data you use.

How does that make you feel?

Are you going to buy from O2 or try one of the others?

Let me know

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