O2 and Carphone Warehouse – UK 3G iPhone Prices Register

3G iPhone StoodI’ve just registered my interest with Carphone Warehouse and the news from Apple and o2 this morning is that the new iPhone, launched last night (in case you’re still unaware), will be free on selected tarrifs.

As predicted Apple are wanting those sales figures so here how the tarrifs stack up:

£75 (3000 mins, 500 texts) and £45 (1200 mins, 500 texts) a month contracts will offer an 8GB iPhone 3GB for free.

The higher contract offers the 16GB model for free and you can pick one up for just £59 on the £45 a month contact.
3G iPhone End
There’s a new £30-a-month contract which offers a paltry 75 minutes and 125 texts, which will allow to buy the handsets for £99 and £159 respectively.

The same prices apply to the £35-a-month deal which offers 600 minutes and £500 texts. I’m guessing this would be the one I’d go for.

The biggest news, however, could be the fact that the iPhone 3G is coming to pay-as-you go! I didn’t really see that one coming but I think this shows how flexible Apple is prepared to be.

So, contact O2 or Carphone Warehouse online to register your interest and be fed more news as it comes :0)

The pics on this article shows the actual dimensions, etc of the new Apple blower.