O2 Releases Cheapest iPhone 4S Monthly Contract – Best UK Tariffs

Quite a number of you pointed out that O2 was missing from my list of where to buy your iPhone 4S – rejoice my Gadgety friends as O2 has just confirmed its deals for the new iPhone.

Even better news is that O2 has also slipped in as the network with the cheapest monthly outlay thanks to its iPhone 4S £15.50p/m contract.

O2 also wins over everyone else’s 2 year contract – the draw back is that you will have to buy bolt-ons for your data.

The phone is free on contracts above £41 with existing O2 customers get the phone for free on the £36 deal.

O2 is also the only network to offer visual voicemail, and its data bolt-ons support tethering.

A quick sweep across the board doesn’t show much difference in the prices between the networks once you get into the £20p/m+ zone. What is apparent is the crazy choice of combinations you have to pick your way through when you start looking at call time, texts and data.

As usual these days – keep an eye on those pesky data limits! If you’ve never owned an iPhone before it is easy to get caught out as your lovely new Apple mobile can start snacking on your data even if you’re not using apps or checking the interwebs – especially painful if you’re traveling outside the UK!

If data usage is your main concern then check out Three and GiffGaff as these both offer unlimited data on selected deals.

If it’s the flexibility to jump from cheapest contract to cheapest contract then it might be worth your while to consider buying your iPhone 4S outright SIM free and then do your homework to find the best contact over the best length of time for you. GiffGaff also offers cheap calls as well as that uncapped data.

If it’s a 12 month contract that you’re looking for – Vodafone should be the one you’re checking out.

For my money it looks like the 18 and 24 month contracts are best over on O2.

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