O Kitchen – For When you need a Mobile Kitchen or have a ‘The Prisoner’ Themed Loft Appartment

If you’re a fan of watching Patrick McGoohan being chased by spheres in The Prisoner or you’re looking for a compact kitchen well the “O” might be just for you.

Amazingly running off a single plug (ideal for expos?) the “O” Kitchen has been designed by a Brazilian team.

The seven foot shiny sphere unfolds to reveal a complete working kitchen that includes a dishwasher, microwave, sink, refrigerator and even an extractor system.

There seems to be plenty of storage hidden in the TARDIS like space and even has room for garbage disposal and a fire alert system,.

Being gadgety you also get online access, MP3 functions and a digital cookbook system all via the main control panel.

Set out of the kitchen, click on the remote control and it all folds away neatly hiding all the washing-up before your other half arrives 😉

It measure 210 cm high, 460 cm wide when open – half the width when closed.

Just check out the gallery – genius!

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