Nyko Power Pak+ will Make Your 3DS Live Longer

The 3DS is heading to the UK in a couple weeks and if you cast your mind back to an article I wrote about the Nintendo 3D gamers battery life you’ll remember it wasn’t that great.

Never fear my gadgety faithful for Nyko wants to hook you up.

The Nyko Power Pak+ actually replaces the stock Nintendo battery pack and will double your gaming time to somewhere around the 6 hour mark.

Granted that’s still way behind the DS Lite but I guess the 3DS is working harder in the graphics department.

Nyko have also cobbled a charging stand so you can recharge the pack just by sitting it down onto the stand. It’s neat and also necessary as the standard charging pad wont work with the Power Pak+ 😉

The Power Pak+ will cost $19.99 and ships on March 27 (2 days after the 3DS UK release) and the Charge Base is $29.99 and hits stores a week later.

You might want to extend your pockets if you’re planning on carry the 3DS with the Power Pak+ added though.

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