NXP CoolFlux to Pump up Mobile Phone Speakers

nxp tfa9887 audio chipDutch chip maestros NXP have taken a break from playing with its NFC solutions for a moment to creat a new audio chip that’s set to significantly improve the sound quality of the micro-speakers commonly built into smartphones and tablets.

The snappily titled TFA9887 integrated circuit combines NXP’s CoolFlux audio DSP, a class-D amplifier that packs current sensing with a DC-to-DC converter to boost the output level of micro-speakers up to five times (up to 2.6W RMS) without damaging the driver.

The smarts of this combo is that Class-D amplifiers are highly efficient and, when combined with a DC-to-DC converter will provide a strong and clear signal regardless of battery level.

With current sensing, the chip uses feedback from the driver to optimise power delivery which allows the micro speakers to provide louder, richer sound with deeper, tighter bass – no matter whether the device is fully charged or not.

NXP Semiconductors says the first design featuring their revolutionary micro speakers is all ready to go – expect it to be rolled out later this year – and will see consumers enjoy a “cinematic-quality” audio experience on a mobile device. Hmmmm…. not entirely convinced about that claim 😉

Expect this tech to find its way in to the following:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Ultrabooks and Notebooks
  • Portable gaming devices
  • Portable Navigation Devices (PND)
  • MP3 players and portable media players

The thing is – you’re unlikely to get full, round, deep bass from a micro speaker, but any improvement to the thin, tinny, tunes you often hear emanating from a phone at the back of the bus will be most welcome. I wonder if they can add a taste-filter to it as well? 😛

Here’s a video:

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