Nvidia targets League of Legends players and Dota 2 with a new graphics card

gtx960With the rise in popularity of multiplayer online battle arena games like Dota 2 and League of Legends hasn’t escaped the notice of Nvidia. The latest graphics card from the company comes for those gamers that have the love of such games in mind. The GTX 960 is the newest member of Nvidia’s latest 900 series of GPUs, scaling down the capabilities of the GTX 980 and 970 into a smaller package that is less demanding on both your power supply and your wallet.

Despite the power efficiency of Nvidia’s current high end cards, their price still remains a hurdle for many people who are looking to upgrade, with Nvidia finding that its most popular GPUs amongst gamers are its x60 series. Two out of every three gamers are using a GTX 660 or older says Nvidia, and the new GTX 960 is how the company hopes to convince them to get to the next level of its latest hardware. League of Legends and Dota 2 have the highest of graphical requirements around, but Nvidia is hoping that by putting a good case together like this, it will make gamers more interested in improving their graphics so they get a sharper and smoother image. The old GTX 660 doesn’t have the power to pull off a reasonable frame rate, but the new GTX 960 does.

Apart from trying to appeal to League and Dota 2 players, Nvidia’s new card also wants to reach out to gamers looking to build smaller or quieter PCs with plenty of graphics processing power inside. This graphics card allows you to run silently at 30W when playing League of Legends at max settings and 1080p resolution. Then on the other side of things it has plenty of overclocking room if you’re not happy with gaming at the most popular 1080p resolution, Nvidia have said that this card was “built for overclocking”.

The GeForce GTX 960 shows that you can still get extreme power at an affordable price with the latest technology. The GTX 960 is available now for you to purchase.

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