NVIDIA Shield TV extends 4K support

Nvidia SHIELD TVNVIDIA has announced that their NVIDIA Shield TV now supports 4K streaming for Google Play Movies.

The company also announced that their Shield TV also supports Google Cast 4K so you can stream 4K content direct from your mobile device.

This now means that the Shield TV supports 4K content on a wide range of apps, including Netflix, Amazon Video, Vudu, Plex, Vimeo, Kodi, YouTube and more.

Google Play 4K Movies

The Shield TV can play nice with a range of 4K content, although Google Play Movies and TV content in 4K was a no-no.

The same could be said should you attempt to Google Cast 4K videos.

nvidia shield tvThankfully, NVIDIA is plugging those two holes today. An update lets all Shield TV boxes play both the content you Cast and Google Play titles in 4K. No more will you have to stick with 1080p.

Every little helps

Granted, you could grab playable 4K content from elsewhere. For instance services such as Amazon, Netflix and YouTube, for a start.

shield-android-tv-controller-remoteThere are only so many Cast-enabled apps that have 4K content to show.

Nevertheless, this update certainly fleshes out NVIDIA’s living room media hub offerings considerably.

Theoretically, you now have extra-sharp video from any supporting app on your phone.