NVIDIA SHIELD gaming tablet and controller vitals outed by slides

NVDIA SHIELD tabletBefore the weekend I gave you info on NVIDIA’s Shield Tablet, but now the damn has burst and all the information we will ever need to know about this product, save what it feels like to use, is out in the form of leaked slides.

On July 22nd, or when this timer clicks to zero, NVIDIA will announce its latest portable gaming device, called SHIELD Tablet.

It will be accompanied by a wireless controller designed specifically for the NVIDIA SHIELD family, meaning you will be able to control either of the current SHIELD devices. This also could mean that more SHIELD branded products may be on the way.

Check out the slide gallery below!

The SHIELD tablet is an 8-inch device (not 7.9 as originally reported) with 1920×1080 resolution. It has 2GB RAM, a Tegra K1 SoC (system on chip) and a QuadCore 2.2 GHz A15 CPU. The tablet features dual speakers which kind of gives it a HTC One vibe (to me anyhow), a NVIDIA Direct Stylus 2 and 5MP ‘selfie’ camera (targeted at Twitch Streamers).

The SHIELD tablet will be available in two versions – the cheaper 16GB WiFi-only model costing $299 with NVIDIA asking for $100 more if you decide to get a 32GB model with an LTE modem on board. There also appears to be a desk dock available.

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The SHIELD controller costs $59, however I cannot confirm yet if it works with other devices (for those who fancy a NVIDIA branded PC controller).

The NVIDIA tablet will release on the July 29th in the US and Canada, with a later European release on August 14th. More regions are yet to be announced but NVIDIA says it will release for them during the Autumn (or Fall as they actually said) 2014.