NVIDIA? Mobile Phone? NVIDIA? Mobile Phone?

Yup, they’ve been flashing about their cellphone applications processor: the APX 2500.

As CNET points out, that chip is largely the result of NVIDIA’s acquisition of ‘PortalPlayer’ back in 2006, and represents the company’s first attempt at building a true computing processor for mobies.

The chip itself (based on an ARM11 core) is able to run at speeds up to 750MHz and encode and decode 720p high-definition video! This lends itself to the possibility of some pretty capable cellphone/video camera hybrids.

Remember this is NVIDIA – They’ve squeezed in some of their GeForce graphics technology that’s designed especially for low-power devices, which they say is to allow for 3D interfaces.

No exact details as to when and where we can expect this, but it’ll apparently start to make its way into phones sometime next year.