NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 WHDI – Worlds First Wireless Graphics Card

As you may have read earlier, I am probably going to end up building a new PC soon.

Flicking through various articles of up-and-coming components I saw this beast – the world’s first wireless graphics card.

Known to its friends as the KFA2 GeForce GTX460 WHDI 1024MB PCIe 2.0. – Snappy eh?

The clever card has five aerials to stream uncompressed 1080p video from your PC to your WHDI enabled television (or any other display thanks to the bundled 5GHz WHDI receiver) at a range of about 100 feet penetrating walls and other obstacles.

The rest of the spec is pretty much the same as the GTX 460 card which is no real bad thing.

It’s sure to make a talking point amongst your other PC building buddies 🙂

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