NVIDIA 3D Vision Gamers Googles Released in UK

nvidia-3d-visionNVIDIA 3D Vision has just gone on sale in the UK – rejoice!!!

NVIDIA 3D Vision is a clever way to bring some fabby 3D tech to your PC gaming without having to buy a dedicated screen.

It’s all achieved by hooking up a pair of wireless 3D specs to an infrared transmitter, sprinkle in some software smarts that gets your monitor slinging two different pictures at the same time to your peepers so that you don’t get any flicker.

With the NVIDIA 3D Vision googles strapped on you’ll get depth perception in PC games, particularly useful for first-person shooters.

Just makes sure your puter is rocking Vista and a compatible graphics card.

Oh, you’ll also need a PC monitor that’s 120Hz – you can always buy the bundled pack that comes with a Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ for £399.