Numskull announces retro arcade gaming merch

Space Invader retro gaming t-shirtWave your geek flag high with the latest range of retro gaming merchandise from Numskull.

We love rocking the geek chic here at GadgetyNews and I am so in love with this latest range of old school arcade merch.

Furthermore, there will almost certainly more to follow. But why wait?

We all know that, as with all games, you’ve got to tackle the first wave first.

Retro gaming merchandise

Retro Gaming RangeNumskull has just announced an exclusive Retro Range of merchandise and clothing.

As you would expect, the range features classics such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Asteroids. The designs can be found on shirts, hats, mugs, bags, keyrings, and more!

Atari Asteroids Cinch BagNumskull tells us that this just the first wave of their new merchandise range and that:

There are some pretty special oddities planned for our new wave too”.

Price and availability

Prices start at £5 for a rather cool Space Invaders cabinet keyring and go up to £35 for a hoody. Delivery is slated for mid-April.

You can preorder online now or keep an eye out for the designs in most retail stores that sell video games.