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Nude move L and move mNudeAudio is a relatively new name in the Bluetooth speaker game but judging by its looks and styling I can see that it has the likes of Beats in its sights.

The classy nutral shades off-set by an accent colour shows that the designer, Peter Riering-Czekalla, has an eye for simple contemporary lines. Previously working with Motorola and IDEO he knows a thing or two about that, but there’s also a bit of San Fransican cool about these speakers.

NudeAudio Move L

The top-of-the-line, £99.99 Move L portable speaker comes in two colour choices: a light grey with mint green highlights, and a black version with red highlights. The Move L isn’t your garish attention grabber and will easily blend into your surroundings, which is always welcome.

I dig that NudeAudio has also armed it with a thick piece of rope instead of a carrying handle whilst the body of the speaker itself is clothed in a thick, protective silicone sleeve. This makes the whole thing quite a tactile set-up with the rubbery speaker and rope handle.

l-1_blackI got my phone to pair up with the Move L in moments, even in the Gadget Show Live hall with all the other Bluetooth signals pinging around. You can also plug in a non-wireless audio source via the 3.5mm aux jack.

The sound quality from this 9-inches wide by just over 4-inches tall and 2.4-inches deep music machine is pretty darned good thanks to its two drivers and a passive subwoofer radiator around the back which is enough to kick out the jams. OK, it’s not as bass-heavy as some of its rivals, but the sound is balanced and I prefer that to over-bassy noise.

nude move s move m and Studio 5Nude Audio Move S

Move S is the simplest model in the bunch, a rounded near-square shape measuring roughly 3-inches by 3-inches by 1.4-inches and is available in either light grey/green or dark grey/coral red colour combinations.

The upper corner features the knotted ring of thick coloured rope attached immediately alongside small power, volume, and Bluetooth pairing buttons. There is a wired version if you haven’t got/don’t want the Bluetooth feature.

s-1_whiteA thick silicone ring lines Move S’s side edge and wraps around its back, protecting it against drops but not water intrusion. Although it looks like it could be hung in a shower, it’s really designed to be pocket-safe, with small audio-in and micro-USB holes on its edges.

Nude Audio Move M

Move M has the same shape and general design as Move S, but boasts a 4-inches by 4-inches footprint with around the same thickness, corner rope size, controls and ports.

Unlike S, which has a very plasticky front speaker grille with varying-sized holes, Move M has a more traditional fine-perforated grille that feels like painted metal, plus a tiny hole on top to let a small microphone breathe through.

m-1_blackM is the only model in the series with speakerphone functionality, and comes in the same colours as S, with the same black micro-USB cable for charging.

Not surprising given the single-driver designs, the Move S and M aren’t as dynamic sounding as the L and seem to be focused on mids and bass unless you hold them upright and point their front grilles directly towards you.

I must say though, NudeAudio has crafted itself a winner with the Move L. It looks good and has a design that stands out from the pack and presents clear audio quality at a fairly low price-point – £99.99. I think that with its clean design and top-notch sound, you’ll be hard-pressed to find much better for the picnic and beach season.

The Move S Wired costs £19.99, the Move S is £29.99, and the Move M is £39.99. They also have an iPhone/iPod Lightning dock called the Studio 5, but I didn’t have chance to play with that.

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