Now there’s special ammo for drone hunting

Drone ApocalypseLooking to clip some of those Amazon drones? Want to protect your privacy from prying eyes? Have you got the right shot? Don’t settle for any old bullets, you need Drone Munition.

Drone Munition is the brain-wave of Snake River Shooting Products and they’re warning drone owners to

Prepare for the Drone Apocalypse!”

The Idaho-based company behind this slice madness/genius says that the shotgun shells come with high quality load that will effectively disable a drone encroaching your property’s airspace.

drone shotShooting down someone’s drone might come with some legal consequences for potential customers of this Drone Munition unless it is done in self-defence.

Want to know what constitutes self-defence? Perhaps the video below will help?

[youtube id=”SNPJMk2fgJU”]