Novint Falcon Haptic Controller Pistol Grip Add-on

The Novint Falcon, if you’re already not aware, is a 3D controller that actually lets you “feel” textures and surfaces by moving the ball around – but now they’ve added a pistol grip accessory to that funky 3D Haptic Joystic.

The lucky bods at Wired got a chance to play a number of FPS (First Person Shooters) with the add-on and seemed to be totally taken by the level of feedback and control that was dished out going as far as saying that it completely changes the experience.

Most importantly in FPS the targeting was precise, and each gun used in the game takes on a different recoil intensity. 

Just imagine those high caliber weapons kicking back.  Sounds cool to me! 🙂

It looks like there’s an increasing amount of games adding support for haptic controllers so there’s going to be choice aplenty soon to get this kick in the wrist.

We just have to wait for the pistol grip add-on to be released for the full feel.

When it’s released look to be spending around $20.