Novatech – Desktop Replacement/Gaming Laptop for under £1600!

Novatech X80r ProThis company tends to get overlooked by people and so I thought I’d put the record straight.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a gaming laptop, such as one from the Rock range, and live in the UK you MUST check out Novatech.

Why? Well, it will be pretty much the same machine for around £500 less.

I ordered one of their new X80r Pro LaptopsClam-Shell Portable Desktop‘ machines on Tuesday last week and it arrived the following day in time for my lunchbreak – (The delivery was free by the way!).

On opening my ‘CPD‘ it was well packed and everything started up as it should, it even came with a laptop bag.

Before I go any further; the reason for not calling it a laptop becomes evident when you lift it – it weighs almost 4 kilos so compared to most it is rather heavy. But then, when you see what it packs under the bonnet it’s lighter than the desktop it would be able to replace!

At its heart beats a T9300 Penryn processor running at 2.5GHz, 4gb DDR2 memory with 200gb of 7200 rpm hard disk space.

To make everything look pretty the 17″ WUXGA 1920×1200 TFT screen is fed by a Nvidia 8800GTX graphics card!

I paid under £1600 for all of this (I chose it to come with XP) and it’s handling ‘Counter Strike Source’ and my many music making programmes with ease.

For you people that are looking to use it mainly for gaming it also copes with Crysis fantastically on full everything settings – check out this YouTube clip.

After almost a week of ownership I am still more than a little pleased with my purchase and am very glad that I did some homework and found Novatech.

They get my vote!

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