Nottage G-1 Glass Pool Table – Future Pub Games

glass-pool-tableHere’s something that would sit rather nicely with the next-generation Foosball table in my ideal next-gen pub!

It’s exactly what it looks like.

A see-through pool table – and how cool is it?

I think tres cool! 🙂

The G-1 Pool Table from Nottage Design features a patented Vitrik playing surface which is available in frosted or transparent finishes.

That see-through surface acts just like regular felt apparently and instead of slate you get 3/4 inch thick safety glass.

The bumpers (or cushions) are standard.

I love how this looks and guess it would play great – at over $25,000 it should!

So, how long before we see one of these on MTV Cribs or in a futuristic pub brawl?

Leave comments below….where you’ll also see a vid of the Glass G-1 Table.



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