Not All Good News When Taking iPhone On Holiday – Roaming with 3G

Whoah there!

Thinking about using the glorious 3G iPhone when you’re abroad?

Don’t expect the same deal that you’ll be getting over in the UK with O2.

As you probably know, O2 have used the unlimited download facility in much of its marketing for both the first iPhone and the new 3G model, which will be available free on some O2 tariffs.

Apparently the unlimited data and WiFi allowances only apply in the UK.

If you use the phone overseas the charges shoot up to £3 for each megabyte (Mb) of data downloaded in the EU and £6 everywhere else in the world! ~GULP!~

Let’s say that you want to catch up on the gogglebox back in Blighty and watch an average iPlayer programme from Auntie Beeb; these are usually around 300Mb in size.

This will cost you around £900 if you were in La Belle France and £1,800 in the good ol’ US of A.


So my advice would be to disable things like email before you leave the UK.

If you’re going to be needing all that kinda stuff that the iPhone has been built for the best option is to take out a data-roaming add-on for when you require the service

Remember though; O2’s new “unlimited” download policy is subject to a fair-usage policy – in other words, although there is no set limit, your connection may be stopped or dramatically slowed if you are deemed to be over-using it.