NomadClip adds that sporty rugged look to your device charging

nomadclip topRemember the ChargeKey and ChargeCard from Nomad I reviewed? Now they’re back with another funky way of never being without a charging and sync cable. The NomadClip.

The NomadClip, just like its stablemates, is a convenient charging cable but this one is targeted at those urbanites who may cycle around the metropolis or use backpacks to cart their stuff in.

Shaped like a carabiner (but not load bearing) it easily clips to rucksacks, courier bags, belt loops, laptop bags or anywhere else you may want to clip it.

nomadclip mac iphoneHidden in the spine of the carabiner-styled NomadClip is the charging and sync cable. Simply pull it out and plug your phone into the nearest USB port for power.

Nomad have also refreshed their card and key which have been re-designed with tougher materials and also gained MFi certification – they’ve even been renamed NomadKey and NomadCard.

nomadkey nomadcard

The whole Nomad range is available in both microUSB and Lightning connector flavours with the Key and Card both available from Amazon UK whereas the NomadClip is up for preorder from the Nomad site.