Nomad ultra rugged charging cables

nomad-rugged-cablesOur charging cables get some hammer. They’re shoved in bags and pockets, stretched to plugs and then wrapped up again. Nomad has just released a range of ultra rugged cables for iPhones, Androids and other devices.

Nomad has announced their new range of cables that are built to be capable of withstanding extreme abuse.

Each cable features intense materials and construction promoting durability and strength. The cables feature a four-times strength kevlar core, two-times thick PVC jacket, and an ultra rugged nylon sheath to contain it all.

Naturally, the cables are tangle-proof too.

nomad-ultra-rugged-cablesThe new cables are available in three flavours:

  • The Battery Cable, a MFi-Certified Lightning cable with integrated 2350 mAh battery
  • The Universal Cable, a Micro USB cable with added attachments for MFi certified Lightning and USB-C
  • The Lightning Cable, a MFi-Certified Lightning cable

Nomad rugged cables price and availability

Each cable is 1.5 meters long and prices range from £24.60 for the Lightning Cable, £28.71 for the Universal Cable, and £325.81 for the Battery Cable.

The cables are now available at Nomad’s official site.