Nokia X2 – the first Microsoft Android smartphone

Nokia X2 microsoft androidIt has finally happened. Microsoft has released its first Android-based smartphone. Say hi to the Nokia X2.

Although the new smartphone is still emblazoned with the Nokia name this is a Microsoft product – even though the company said that it didn’t plan to trade on that name for long. I’m guessing that the big M’s marketing elves are still bouncing brand names around.

The Nokia X2 is a step up from the original X which was launched in February before Nokia sold its mobile business to Microsoft.

That original model, by-the-way, became the best-selling mobile in Pakistan and the third best-selling handset in India. It also fared pretty well over in Russia, Kenya and Nigeria, don’t you know.

The Nokia X2 is priced at €99 and has a slightly larger screen (4.3 inches vs 4 inches), along with a beefier processor (1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor vs 1GHz dual-core in the original device). You also get a front-facing selfie camera and a more powerful battery.

The handset comes in a range of eye-popping colours and featuring Nokia’s blend of UI experiences — with a Windows Phone-esque tiles-based homescreen, combined with Nokia’s Fast Lane notifications screen, plus a fistful of Microsoft (and Nokia) services preloaded, including Skype, Outlook, OneDrive, Mix Radio, Here Maps; and — of course — access to Android apps.

The tile-based homescreen and ability to see apps displayed as a scrollable list on the X2 mirrors the Window Phone user interface, which might help encourage consumers to later make the leap to Microsoft’s more expensive Lumia range.

The X2 also supports dual-SIM — a popular feature in emerging markets where Microsoft will be hoping the Nokia X platform can better compete with other Android rivals than Windows Phone has been able to, thanks to those plentiful Android apps — and by reaching a lower price tag than entry level Lumias can.

The Nokia X2 extends the original trio of devices on the platform which were the Nokia X, X+ and XL.

Check out the hands-on video of the Nokia X2 below:

[youtube id=”Ri7qNQc5Q08″]