Nokia X2-02 Multi SIM Music Marvel

The Nokia Lumia 710, 800 and 900 are all very clever and very classy but the modest looking X2-02 can still go one better. One SIM better that is.

The new Nokia X2-02 (sounds like a Star Wars droid to me) is ideal if you use a pair of phones – one for UK and one for international calls say – Perhaps you travel regularly or have family abroad. Either way you must get tired of lugging a pair of handsets around.

Thanks to the X2-02’s Easy Swap Dual SIM feature you’ll be able to stay connected to your friends and family wherever you all are 🙂

Easy Swap allows you to manage your costs by moving easily between as many as five SIM cards using a dedicated SIM manager – and you can swap SIM cards without having to turn off and reboot your phone. Use the dedicated SIM manager key to manage up to five SIM settings and give each SIM card a name.

It’s not just a SIM-swapping smarty though. The X202 also comes kitted out with an internal FM antenna, a built-in MP3 player, dedicated music keys, recording capability, an integrated loudspeaker for music playback, and 32GB of storage.

This music-centric phone will also come with a special audio processing feature that will let you enjoy the clearest sound in its class. There is also the ‘Play via Radio’ feature that lets you record songs directly from the radio and then blast those tunes through your home music system, your car, or with other mobile phones.

The Nokia Browser is also a whole lot easier, faster and more affordable compared to before, whenever it accesses the Internet, as it can compress web pages by up to 90% in order for it to download quicker and ensure that data costs remain low.

There are also dedicated Facebook and Twitter clients which allow you to launch them straight from the home-screen shortcut bar thus ensuring you never miss the latest gossip… errr… news updates from any of your socially networked buddies.

Before you start thinking that the Nokia X2-02 will be heading straight to some emerging marking then you may be right – but I also hear that this hot-swapping multi SIM marvel will also be retailing for around 60 Euros 😉

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