Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Confirmed by Hard Worked Designer

Designer Confirms Nokia Windows 8 tabletThe Nokia Windows 8 tablet is very real, and it’s taking up a lot of time in the design department of the Finnish phone floggers.

Confirmation direct from someone working on the Nokia tablet – you can’t get better than that can you?

Nokia’s design honcho, Marko Ahtisaari, has stated that work on the tablet takes up a third of his time but he failed to mention how far along the process his team is – or when to expect the Windows 8-powered slate.

The 10-inch  Nokia tablet is rumoured to be packing a dual-core processor and will go toe-to-toe with Apple’s new iPad which is out on Friday.

Niklas Savander, an executive vice-president at Nokia, has already said that “The tablet is an interesting market for someone like Nokia because it is not cannibalising handset sales” whilst adding “If we are going to be in that market we need to have a different point of view”

French Nokia gaffer, Paul Amsellem, mentioned Nokia’s plans for a Windows-powered tablet late last year and I would imagine that we’ll be getting it at the tail-end of the year so as to coincide with the launch of Windows 8 which is currently available as a public beta download.

Windows is the most-used operating system for computers across the world, and version number 8 echoes the Metro design cues of Windows Phone.

One of the strengths of  Windows 8 is that it will share apps with Windows Phone – this means that your apps work across your computer, laptop, tablet and phone.

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