Nokia Sea Ray Windows Mango Phone Hands-on Video

You remember seeing the Nokia Windows Phone named Sea Ray in Stephen Elop’s hands at the Nokia Conference? How would you like a hands-on video of the same model? Alrighty then!

The video handling of the Windows Mango software powered Nokia Sea Ray has apparently been shot right in the development factory.

In the vid clip you can see the Sea Ray being lovingly caressed and running the new version of Windows Phone 7 – Mango.

Fans of the Nokia N9’s look will be pleased to see that the Sea Ray follows the N9 styling with the “pillow-shaped” design and a curved Gorilla Glass touchscreen which takes up the entire face of the mobile.

Keeping it all sleek up front means that there’s no physical buttons apart from those on the side which handle volume and camera shutter duties.

As stated when Elop outed the “super confidential” handset the flash seems to be in a different place to the N9, which may indicate that the camera itself will be different. Could it be better than the N9’s 8-megapixel unit?

There is not even a sniff of when to expect the Nokia Sea Ray but what would make you pester Nok for one?

Let me know 🙂

Enjoy the vid:

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