Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headphones and Purity Earphones

Remember at the start of the month I reported that it looked as though Nokia were up to something with headphone makers of the moment: Monster? Nokia has just unveiled the Purity range of earpleasers.

If you are looking for some natty cans or less obtrusive inner-earphones to match your new Lumia 800 or Lumia 710 handset then Nokia may have just the thing in its new one-stop shop.

These tune bringers are co-designed by Monster – the same team that brings you the Beats audio tech and signature headphones from Dr Dre and DavidGuetta.

So there’s the urban cool for you already. That should help the Purity HD Stereo headset and more stealthy Purity Stereo in-ear ‘phones – both styles are available in blue, black, white and magenta.

I’m guessing that these will follow the other Monster headphone and earphone pricing strategy (not cheap) but I’d still like to take some for a test drive – wouldn’t you? 🙂


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