Nokia 808 PureView Phone Packs 41 Megapixel Camera

Nokia 808 PureViewLooking for a phone that will make your camera redundant? The Nokia 808 PureView has bragging rights to a 41-megapixel camera! Silly or smart?

No, I didn’t get my numbers mixed up. The Nokia PureView does, in fact, sport an outstandingly large 41MP snapper.

The top-end megapixels of most flagship camera-phones happily manage with 12-megapixels – 41 is just crazy talk!

Is bigger better though?

The Nokia 808 will give you the option of snapping at different resolutions. You will be able to take more usual 5 or 8-megapixel pics and blow them up to poster size if you so desired.

The maximum resolution you can actually shoot, apparently, is 38 megapixels. If you select this option you’ll be able to zoom in and enjoy details that would be missed on a standard resolution shot.

Nokia is claiming that 7 pixels of information are condensed into 1 pixel, allowing you to zoom in for this level of detail.

A nifty sensor is useless if it’s not backed up by a decent lens – The Nok has Carl Zeiss optics on board so all is well there then.

Other features on the 808 include 512MB of RAM, and 16GB of storage you can expand using a microSD – probably a must have if you’re going around snapping 38-megapixel pics ūüėČ

The PureView can record videos at 1080p HD, and it features Nokia Rich Recording for CD-like sound quality without the need for external microphones. Dolby Digital Plus is also on board for 5.1 surround sound.

The PureView is running Symbian Belle as it’s operating system and makes it the first to do so. Nokia will be rolling out other Symbian Belle handsets soon – so much for killing Symbian off.

The Nokia PureView will be on sale in May for ‚ā¨450 (¬£380).

Are you intrigued about a phone with 41MPs or do you think that this is just an empty boast?

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