Nokia PureView 808 Goes on UK Preorder – Challenges Cameras

Nokia PureView 808 coloursNot able to decide whether your money should go on a new compact camera or a new smartphone?

Well, how about getting one device that you can use to call home and also packs 41-megapixels? Yup, Preorders are open for the Nokia PureView 808.

The Nokia PureView 808 is the company’s flagship Symbian mobile phone which just so happens to pack a 41MP sensor and can match most standalone compact cameras.

Clove has the Carl Zeiss-lensed PureView 808 on pre-order, with a VAT-inclusive price of £538.80.

Yeah, it’s not exactly bargain bucket and will put you in the same price range as Micro-Four-Thirds cameras from the likes of Panasonic or Sony and doesn’t look as cute as the Pentax Q but then none of those can send a SMS.

You will get better results from a Micro 4/3 snapper but, I suppose, you will have to bear in mind that you will probably always have the Nokia lens-beast with you in your pocket.

Which do you rate higher? The ability to change lenses or order a pizza?

The Nokia PureView 808 should arrive next month – will you be getting one?

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