Nokia Plan To Recharge Your Mobile By The Electricity In The Air

nokia_x220Some clever-clogs at Nokia have devised a cunning plan for a system that’ll charge phones using nothing more than ambient electromagnetic radiation – put simply: electricity from thin air!!!!

It actually is more plausible than I first thought.

You see, RFID tags are powered by electrical signals converted from electromagnetic waves emitted by a nearby sensor machine – yeah?

Well, that’s exactly how this system is said to work.

Nokia reckon that this tech won’t need a base station—it’ll draw from Wi-Fi, cell towers and TV antennae instead.

All sounds cool until the fact that the amount of electricity we’re talking about is very small.

Nokia hopes to harvest about 50 milliwatts—not quite enough to sustain a phone, but enough to slow down the loss of charge through use and it’ll slowly charge a handset that’s been switched off.

Current prototypes only gather about 5 milliwatts, which is neither here nor there really.

Scientists and industry experts just can’t see the tech reaching the point that Nok wants it to for quite a while.

The Nokia white coats are still up-for-it though and say:

I would say it is possible to put this into a product within three to four years.

I think we’d all be grateful for anything that extends battery life – do you agree?

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