Nokia Phones Heading to 3D and More Augemented Reality

According to the video on Nokia Conversations (Nokia’s official blog) that happens to feature Jo Harlow, SVP of Smartphones, Nok’s future will include more AR and 3D on their handsets.

Jo shows no qualms when mentioning that Nokia is looking at enhancing the likes of Ovi Maps with augmented reality,

She then dives into the realm of entertainment and since “everyone’s talking about 3D” Jo reckons that there’s an opportunity for mobiles to get to the 3D promised-land quicker than television.

This means 3D games and other content “could be very, very interesting in terms of enhancing that experience.”

We’ve already seen the Nok tablet rocking a specially made stereoscopic screen so this all looks promising.

We might actually see Nokia’s Mixed Reality dream come true 🙂

Watch the chat in full below:

Pic from Gizmo Watch

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