Nokia NFC Pairing Play 360 Speaker and Wireless Music Receiver

Bluetooth speakers – all pretty much of a muchness really aren’t they? These little sound sentinels from Nokia have a nifty little trick up their sleeves though.

The Nokia Play 360 speaker and Wireless Music Receiver actually use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to automagically pair itself with NFC-enabled phones!

All you’ll have to do to get your mobile to squirt tunes through the new Nokia noise-makers is to tap your NFC packing phone against either device and it will pair. Just like that. No waiting for the device to pick up a Bluetooth signal and having to go through menus.

The Nokia Play 360 speaker has a 20 hour battery life and sports a 3.5mm auxiliary audio jack – if you connect a pair of speakers you’ll get real stereo soundage.

The Wireless Music Receiver (MD-310) plugs into speakers or a receiver via 3.5mm plug or RCA plugs, and promises to transmit CD quality sound.

Both the Play 360 speaker and Wireless Music Receiver are Europe-bound this Summer for €150 and €60, respectively.

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