Nokia N97 Mini Gets UK Release Date

Nokia_N97_miniWe’ve seen pictures and heard the rumours but now the official word is that the Nokia N97 Mini will drop in the shops on October 23rd right here in the UK.

The news comes live and direct from Nokia via Twitter :”Flagship News: N97 Mini to be sold in store from 23 October.”

A quick refresh of what the N97 Mini is packing: it has a 3.2 inch touchscreen, a QWERTY board, 5 MP camera and 8GB of storage.

The Flagship store in question sits on Regent Street here in central London.

So – Nokia’s latest will appear there first and then the N97 Mini will appear elsewhere afterwards it seems.

For a SIM-free N97 Mini it will cost you £429, but Vodafone isn’t saying anything yet about tariffs, stuff n’ tings.

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