Nokia N96

Noks new N series packs a massive iPhone-matching 16GB of storage as well as a Micro SD slot. It keeps the same old 5-meg snapper, although this time there are two LEDs taking care of business when it comes to lighting up.

There’s a 2.8-inch screen, on which you’ll be able to view mobile telly via a DVB-H tuner. 

There will also feature the new Nokia 2.0 maps, which they claim will make pedestrian Sat-Nav a breeze, with the map adjusting itself as you take a wander around.  You’ll have to come up with new reasons why you’re late now!!

It keeps all the good stuff from the N95; WiFi, AGPS and A2DP Bluetooth and there’s the recently launched N-Gage thrown in too.

It’s due to head into the wild in the third quarter, hitting your wallet for 550 Euros. That’s SIM-free, but we expect it’ll come free to those who are willing to lash out on the right contract.