Nokia N96 Review

Still counting down the days til the release of the delectable Nokia N96?

Mobile-review apparently knows the right wheels to grease in order to get their mits on a prototype unit scarily early!

There’s a HUGE review of the new N Series which will give you intimate knowledge of the N96’s strengths and points for improvement.

Strangely, the vibe I came away with from their tome was that they were a bit non-plussed.

Problems for them included a penchant for picking up dirt and fingerprints (the price you pay for a beautiful glossy face – get a snazzy cover then?), a cramped nav key layout with the tricky touch-sensitive Navi Wheel front and center, audio performance that wasn’t bad but was expected to be far better in light of the dedicated DSP, and a “shovel” like feel in the hand – but then the N95 wasn’t voted slimmer of the year now was it?

I for one am still eagerly awaiting the chance to bet my hands on a REAL N96 and give it a thorough testing.

After the finger-waggling from Mobile Review the final version of the N96 might get improved even more if Nokia are listening to them.

I still can’t wait!!

Via Tech Digest and NokNok