Nokia N900 Tablet is Real, Out and Official

nokia_n900Here we go – no more rumours about the new Nokia N900.

It’s now official as Nokia has fessed up that it’s real and that the new tablet packs a Maemo–powered OS that promises to be way more intuitive than the Symbian of old.

Mozilla-based’ browsing points to a taste of Fennec as well as well as an ample 32GB of storage that can be super-sized to 48GB via SD.

Under the hood it purrs along on an ARM processor which Nokia says will give the N900 PC–like multitasking capabilities as well as “computer–grade performance.” That I’d like to play with to see for myself 😉

You can hook it up via 10.2Mbps HSDPA and Wi–Fi and the N900 gets Adobe Flash support and can take 10 email accounts for you schizos out there!

For the fingers there’s a touchscreen and QWERTY pad and round back there’s a 5MP camera.

It’s due in October for a price of €500

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